Supporting Heathrow Airport

The issue:

Alok is a strong supporter of Heathrow Airport, which helps businesses to export and brings jobs and business investment to Reading and the Thames Valley.

Department for Transport projections indicate that all airports in the South East of England will be full by 2030 and the Government has tasked the Airports Commission to find a solution to this problem.

Achievements to date:

  • Alok has spoken in Parliament on a number of occasions to argue against diminishing the role of Heathrow in favour of another hub airport.
  • Alok has expressed his preference for both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports expanding and has urged all political parties to commit to carrying out the proposals recommended by the Airports Commission.
  • In July 2014, Alok chaired a business forum in Westminster for Thames Valley businesses to have their say on the future of airport capacity in the UK – the attendees unanimously rejected proposals for a new airport in the Thames Estuary which would lead to the closure of Heathrow.
  • Alok has welcomed Heathrow’s expansion plans which would provide at least £100bn of UK economic benefits and 100,000 new UK jobs.
  • Alok has spoken at a number of high profile events and debates on the future of airport capacity in the UK including events organised by the Association of British Travel Agents, Airports UK and the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership.
  • The Government announced in October 2016 that Heathrow is the preferred option for airport expansion.

Next steps:

Alok will continue to support Heathrow Airport and the jobs and investment it brings to Reading.

Alok says:

“Heathrow is a vital economic asset, which helps support many jobs across the Thames Valley. Ten percent of the UK’s economic output is generated in the western wedge area around Heathrow and so it is in everyone’s interest to see the airport continue to thrive. Reading would particularly benefit from Heathrow’s plans to expand, especially following the recent announcements about Western Rail Access to Heathrow and Crossrail, which will both speed up travel between Reading and Heathrow.”