Visitor Parking Permits

The issue:

West Reading constituents contacted Alok in July 2011 to express their dissatisfaction with changes made to the visitor parking permit system. The system previously operated full-day permits but under Reading Borough Council’s new system only half-day permits are issued. The Council also changed the expiry time of overnight permits from 10am to 8am. Residents explained that the changes would result in the need to use more permits, at a higher cost to residents.

Achievements in the campaign:

  • Alok organised several meetings for residents with Reading Borough Council and, as a result of the meetings, the Council was persuaded to:
  • Increase the number of free books of visitor permits to households located in a permit parking zone from one to two.
  • Begin issuing, from April 2012, visitor permits valid until 10am the following day, rather than only 8am.
  • Look favourably upon, and within reason grant, requests for allocation of visitor permits above the total official annual allowance of 7 books per household.

Alok says:

“I am glad that we were able to convince the Council to make these changes to the visitor permit scheme. I am aware that the Council is holding Consultative Panels, the focus of some of which will be on the issue of visitor permits. I very much hope that these panels will allow residents to be consulted properly on the operation of the residents’ parking scheme, and I hope that the Council will listen and act upon feedback from the panels.”