Pincents Hill Survey

About You
Question 1.
In 2009, developer Blue Living submitted a formal planning application to build 750 new homes and commercial units on the Pincents Hill site. This was rejected following a campaign by the Save Calcot Action Group, local residents and District Councillors, supported by Alok Sharma.
Looking at this afresh, for how many homes do you think the Pincents Hill site is suitable?

Question 2.

Site owner U+I plc’s advisor, TOWN say they have undertaken analysis of education provision in the local area. Their research indicates that a development of 285 homes may lead to an additional 128 school-age children in the area. However, according to TOWN, due to the number of existing primary and secondary schools in the area with spaces available, a new school is not included within their proposals. Do you agree with TOWN’s conclusion? 

Question 3.

TOWN say they have undertaken analysis of health provision in the local area. According to TOWN, a development of 285 homes would generate a demand equivalent to ¼ of a GP. TOWN have concluded that this demand is not sufficient in its own right to make a new GP surgery viable. Would you like to see formal provision of medical services as part of the proposals?

Question 4.

TOWN have proposed that vehicle access will be restricted to a single point of access from the south of the site only (via the A4 Bath Road). Thinking about the impact on local traffic, do you support this proposal?

Question 5.

Under the proposals, 17 acres of the 43 acre site would be put aside by TOWN for a new public park. Do feel this is a sufficient proportion of the site for public green space?

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