Southcote rat infestation

The issue:

Southcote residents contacted Alok in July 2011 to express their concern at the growing rat infestation problem in their local area, which was causing misery for many Southcote residents.

Achievements in the campaign:

  • Alok held a meeting with Reading Borough Council and Thames Water to discuss the issue and agree on a fully co-ordinated approach to dealing with the rat infestation.
  • As a result of the meeting, Thames Water, along with the Council, then began baiting, trapping and poisoning the rats that were using the sewer network as a means to access food sources in the Byefield Road, Hatford Road and Brunel Road area of Southcote.
  • Thames Water subsequently increased further baiting in the area and monitored the take of bait by the rats.


Several weeks after increasing baiting, Thames Water advised that there was no more take of the bait and therefore the current infestation had been resolved.

If constituents see any more rats, or if there is a return of the infestation, they should contact Alok who will be happy to take up the issue again.