Pangbourne Business Rates - SUCCESS

The issue:

Local businesses in Pangbourne faced a fall in trade as a result of reduced footfall, during the closure of the Whitchurch Bridge for maintenance.

Achievements to date:

  • Alok made contact with Pangbourne businesses that were being affected by a fall in trade as a result of the bridge closure, Alok wrote to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to ask for a reduction in business rates
  • The VOA confirmed to Alok that they would consider the request but required further evidence, so Alok wrote to all of the affected businesses to ask them to submit evidence of the fall in trade
  • The VOA agreed to a temporary reduction in the business rates paid by 16 affected businesses during the time that the Whitchurch Bridge was closed
  • Alok also held two meetings with the Whitchurch Bridge Company to put pressure on the company to complete works quickly and provide local residents and businesses with regular updates

Alok says:

“Many of the businesses in Pangbourne rely on passing trade and are facing a downturn as a consequence of the Whitchurch Bridge closure. I am therefore delighted that the VOA has permitted a reduction in business rates, which will provide some much needed relief to these small local businesses.”