Flood alleviation for Keswick Close and Ogmore Close

The issue:

Having suffered from flooding during heavy rainfall for many years, residents of Keswick Close and Ogmore Close in Tilehurst contacted Alok in 2010 to express concerns that not enough is being done to prevent flooding in their area.

Achievements to date:

  • In response to the residents’ concerns, Alok raised the issue with Thames Water and subsequently organised a number of meetings for residents with Thames Water to discuss solutions and agree a way forward.
  • Following these meetings and modelling work undertaken by Thames Water, it was ascertained that 20 properties in Keswick Close and Ogmore Close are at risk of flooding.
  • Thames Water commenced flow monitoring of the relevant sewers to verify maximum flows during storm events. This data will ensure the scheme implemented is appropriate to the flood risk.
  • Thames Water undertook a commitment to provide residents with fortnightly updates on the flow monitoring.


  • Thames Water began work on a £730,000 scheme in October 2014 and the project was completed in time for Christmas

Alok Sharma said:

“I am delighted that after years of anticipation this scheme is now completed. I want to thank Thames Water and all the brilliant local residents who worked patiently with me to make this project a reality and it is an object lesson in how local communities can work together to achieve a win which benefits everyone in the area.”