Sharma invited the people of Reading to co-sponsor EU Referendum Bill

Alok Sharma, the Member of Parliament for Reading West, is urging people to sign up as co-sponsors of the EU Referendum Bill, which has been published today.

The Bill is being introduced in Parliament as a Private Members Bill by Conservative MP James Wharton and if successful, will lead to the first public vote on Europe for 40 years, after a renegotiation for a new deal in the EU.

Co-sponsors will be able to back the Bill using a new innovative online co-sponsoring form, by visiting the campaign website.
Alok Sharma said: “Before I became a Member of Parliament, I ran a local campaign in 2007 calling on the then Labour government to give the British people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty before it was ratified. Sadly, Labour refused to trust the British people and signed up to the treaty without a referendum. However, we now have an opportunity to get behind this Conservative Private Member’s Bill and demonstrate the real appetite within the great British public for a referendum on Europe.”

Alok continued: “Labour did not trust the British people in 2007 and they do not trust the British people now to give their verdict on our relationship with Europe. By co-sponsoring this Bill at the campaign website, local people will be sending a clear message to everyone who wants to refuse a public vote on Britain’s future in Europe.”

Photo: Alok Sharma and supporters of a referendum on an EU treaty in 2007