Sharma demands apology for Labour’s record on grade inflation

Speaking during an Opposition Day debate on secondary education and GCSEs, Alok Sharma demands an apology from the Opposition for their record on grade inflation.

Alok Sharma (Reading West) (Con): Labour made a real difference to our education system—there is no doubt about that. However, at the same time as grade inflation was on the rise we were dropping in the international league tables on maths, English and science. Should not the hon. Gentleman be apologising for the disservice he has done to our young people, or is he now championing mediocrity once again?

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...[later in the same debate]

Stephen Twigg: I absolutely acknowledge that there is grade inflation in the system—[Hon. Members: “Ah!] and I have said that previously. The “Ah!”s are very welcome, but it is not something that I have not said before, and I have said today that we will support measures that root out grade inflation. We will support sensible reform of the examination boards because there is a good argument that a kind of competition to the bottom has contributed to grade inflation.

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