MP supports local film makers

Alok Sharma, the Member of Parliament for Reading West, recently met with local film makers and actors who have produced a new film, based in Reading, titled “Love me till Monday”. The feature, which is filmed around the Reading area, follows the story of a girl trying to find love between the office and her home life. The film looks at how a generation of twenty-somethings go in search of love.

The film was produced by local Reading resident Jack Fishburn and Muireann Price and directed by Justin Hardy, a fifteen year veteran of historical film making for the BBC and Channel 4, who offered the young crew experience and guidance to match their enthusiasm.

Jack Fishburn said: “'Love me till Monday' is a new feature film about life, love and magic set in Reading and shot locally over two surprisingly sunny weeks in August 2012. Almost the entire cast and crew are in their twenties and we had to make it using what was available to us: friends' houses, bars, pubs and city streets. We could not have made the film without the people of Reading who were so giving with their time and facilities. We plan to take the film to film festivals across the UK including the Edinburgh Film Festival and are currently seeking a distribution deal.”

Alok Sharma said: “My wife and I have had a preview of the film, which is a gentle romantic comedy, and we both enjoyed it. Generally “romcoms” are more my wife’s cup of tea but this is a film which has universal appeal and I congratulate Jack, Muireann and Justin on producing such a polished film on a micro budget and I hope the film does well at Edinburgh and beyond and it’s great to see some famous Reading landmarks featured.”

Photo: Producer Jack Fishburn, Lead Actress Georgia Maguire, Producer Muireann Price and Alok Sharma MP

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