English Martyrs’ visit

Alok Sharma, the Member of Parliament for Reading West last Friday led the school assembly at English Martyrs Catholic Primary School. Mr Sharma was invited to speak by the schools head teacher Mr Anton Dworzak about the importance of democracy and British values.

Mr Sharma thoroughly enjoyed taking the assembly and engaging with some of his youngest constituents. Mr Sharma was later introduced to School Council representatives by deputy head Miss Sarah Amin, where he listened to the Council’s plans for the school’s future.

Alok Sharma MP said: “I was delighted to visit English Martyrs Catholic Primary School and talk to their pupils about my role as an MP, the importance of Democracy and British Values. I would like to thank Mr Anton Dworzak, the Head Teacher for his kind invitation. I look forward to hosting the school when they come to visit Parliament in the near future.”

Mr Anton Dworzak, Head Teacher of English Martyrs Catholic Primary School said: “We are delighted that Mr Sharma has taken time out of his busy schedule to visit our school today and share ideas with the children and staff about  British Values. Here at English Martyrs we strive to educate the whole child living by gospel values; in the way we treat each other and in supporting children’s potential so they become well rounded citizens, equipped to have a positive impact in their community and beyond. Our school council asked Mr Sharma several questions related to his work in parliament and shared some of the extraordinary work they are involved in our school. They talked about the democratic process of an election hustings in order to gain the vote from their peers and the regular meetings they have with Mrs Masterson in order to influence decisions made in school. The children were able to have their values reaffirmed by Mr Sharma’s visit making direct links with their Christian faith.”

Alok Sharma visiting English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School

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