Alok Sharma praises job creation by businesses in Reading West

Alok Sharma praises the success of the economy in Reading and the creation of new jobs by local businesses, he particularly welcomes employers who have provided jobs for the long-term unemployed.

Alok Sharma calls for tougher sentencing for dangerous driving

Alok Sharma leads a Parliamentary debate calling for tougher sentencing for dangerous driving following the tragic case of his constituents, John Morland and Kris Jarvis who were killed in February.

Queen's Speech Debate

Speaking in the debate on the Queen’s Speech, Alok Sharma highlights the continued fall in unemployment in Reading West and welcomes measures that will continue to promote jobs and work creation.

Thames Valley Berkshire LEP Debate

Alok Sharma leads a Parliamentary debate backing the Thames Valley Berkshire LEP funding bid.

Alok Sharma backs Government policies on job creation and education

Alok Sharma welcomes Government initiatives on job creation and getting more people into employment and investment in education and apprenticeships.

Alok Sharma calls for more help for small businesses

Alok Sharma welcomes Government progress in support of small businesses but calls for further action on reducing EU red tape, the simplification of income tax and national insurance and closing the

Alok Sharma calls for action on airport capacity

Speaking in a debate on the future of aviation, Alok Sharma highlights the need to increase airport capacity and urges the Government to act on the Davies Report whatever its recommendations.

School starting age for summer-born children

During a debate on England’s inflexible school starting age, Alok Sharma highlights the problems faced by parents who felt their August-born child would benefit from starting school a year later.

Alok Sharma supports new Government education programme on caste

Alok Sharma welcomes the introduction of an education programme against caste discrimination which will be supported by leading community organisations and secures a undertaking from the Government

Alok Sharma speaks in special debate to pay tribute to Baroness Thatcher

Alok Sharma speaks in the special Parliamentary debate to make his personal tribute to Baroness Thatcher.